The weather is not too sure whether to be hot or cold... wish it would make up it's mind so we can put away those bermudas and take out the scarves

Autumn, that time of the year which offers so much. Colours, fruits, vegetables, can't wait for it all to really happen.Meanwhile, here are quite a few interesting fairs, outings, day trips which you might enjoy. 

September, the month where winegrowers hold their breath and hope for dry weather, morning dews to cool down the grapes and fresh evenings and that should guarantee our wine supply for the next few years at least?On the weekend of the 25th September you can head off to Anoia where in the town of Hostalets de Pierola they celebrate the 'Festa de la Verema' with wine as the main theme, so wine not join them? Or you could go to Les Planes d`Hostoles in the Garrotxa area where the Fira del Bastó i de la fusta´ takes place, this is a traditional fair where one of the highlights is the making of a 'carboner' which is a dome shaped little mountain where coal is produced, these `carboners`have been around since medieval times so well worth visiting just to see them being made.

In October on the weekend of the 1/2  you can visit Salt in the Gironès where you may want to pick up some basket weaving tricks or perhaps buy one ready made at the ´Fira del cistell´or you can purchase a pumpkin at the Fira de la Carbassa in Esponellà (Pla de lEstany), who knows it may turn into a carriage and carriage you away...

Or we can watch our hairy friends (in this case dogs) compete at the Concurs de gossos d'atura in Castellterçol, quite nearby, these dogs are professional sheep dogs aces at getting sheep to pay attention.

Then on the 10th October you can visit Seva in Osona where mushrooms are the talk of the day, ceps, rovellons, camagrocs, fredolics...definitely a must.

and November will have to wait...I will do my best to get that out on time and if this has made you hungry why not chop up 2 or 3 garlic cloves, fry in a tablespoon olive oil, allow to brown then add a bunch of rossinyols (chantarelles), sautee quickly, add 2 tablespoons single cream, 1 tablespoon chopped parsley and serve with some freshly cooked pasta...if you must add a few truffle shavings. delicious!




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