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With Dom's laid-back style and unique sense of humour, it was a pleasure to cook in her beautiful purpose-built kitchen"

"Every Friday for one-month, my husband waited with baited breath for my return from Dom's fish class - unfortunately it was the contents of my tupperware he was interested in .......!

Suzanne Murray

FISH !!! My family and I always liked to eat it but I never really succeeded in cooking a tasty and appetizing dish. Two weeks after my arrival in Barcelona I stumbled over Dom’s cooking classes and signed up. Already the drive out to Valldoreix, which, by the way, was never more than 20 minutes from Sant Just Desvern, was a pleasure.

Not only has Dom shown us how to prepare and arrange the fishes wonderfully on the plates, we also got a list of their names in English, Catalan and Castellan, learned to look for the signs of their freshness and got many useful hints for cooking in general. The recipes we received are easy to follow and you can prepare a wonderful dish for your guests without spending hours in the kitchen.

The last cooking class took us to the ‘Boqueria’. There I realized how much I had learned during the course. I was able to see if a fish was fresh or not.

Thank you Dom. I’m already looking forward to the Catalan cooking class.

Sylvia Gessl

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Dom for making my time at your cooking classes so special! When I signed up for the course I never expected to have such a wonderful time. I learned hands-on the great recipes of Catalunya, fish and lovely tapas. I made new friends and shared good conversation. The classes were small and intimate and I left with a score of new ideas and cooking techniques. The food was excellent and Dom took time and care to make experience a memorable one.

During each class, Dom presented us with delicious and easy to make recipes. I have attended three classes (so far). One class I attended was specializing in Catalan cuisine, which like most Mediterranean cooking is full of seafood, fresh vegetables, olive oils, and pine nuts to name a few. In this class I learned to make Fidea and Crema Catalana, two famous dishes, along with several other dishes.

Another class I have taken from Dom concentrated on learning to cook the regional fish of Spain. During this class we learned to identify quality fish. We had an outing to the local market, the Boqueria. Going out to the Boqueria was fascinating as I had never put that much thought into where good cooks get their food from and I saw some food I had never even heard of. The Boqueria market is a paradise of food, what a place! Dom spoke to us about the history of the market itself, the Mercat Sant Josep. It is located on the site of the old Monastery of Saint Joseph. The market is simply one of the most spectacular food markets in Europe, with stall after stall of artichokes, figs, fresh herbs, dates, fennel, radicchio, peaches, strange seafood, expensive cured hams, olive oils, and more. Dom also took us to visit some Boqueria personalities such as Llorenç, the mushroom vendor who sells all manner of wild mushrooms, truffles, Bolets, chanterelles, and porcini.

Dom's classes are very informative and she takes time to give you the history associated with the dish and the corresponding region of Spain. I would highly recommend her classes.

Kim Brown


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