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General information about some of the classes

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Join us on a gastronomic tour around Barcelona. The tour will take you on a culinary journey through the Gothic Quarter and the famous 'Born' We visit different shops which are all unique both for their products, history and originality. The 'shopkeepers' give us a talk on their particular product as well as allowing us to sample their wares and of course buy them if we want to.  Tour lasts for about 2 hours and can be followed by lunch.  For more info please contact me. Max 8 people.

Fish class

This is a highly popular class where we journey through the world of fish and learn how to choose, buy and prepare the many fish on offer here in Catalunya and the rest of Spain.
We learn about different cooking techniques and methods, we bake, steam, fry, sautee…we learn how to prepare different sauces and accompaniments and first and foremost we to how to lose our fear of fish!! The recipes are easy, original and decorative.
Fish course I is a course made up of four 2 hour classes (once a week) and the last class is a visit to the famous Boqueria market where we pay special attention to the fish stalls as well as visiting other stalls of interest. Fish course II is a follow up course which offers more recipes from the fascinating world of fish.
The course is 100 euros all included (ingredients, recipes, little fish glossary in Catalan-English-Spanish and a generous tasting of all the dishes we prepare) Students participate in the preparation of the dishes (not obligatory…) and we have absolute beginners as well as experienced cooks.


Autumn cookery class

Delicious 3 course meals using the fruits of the season, including mushrooms, berries...Each day we will prepare a full menu and then eat it or take it home.


Castanyada menu

Learn how to make the famous panellets as well as a suitable castanyada menu. Orange and pumpkin cream with parsley crisps, Spicy monkfish kebabs with a cilantro mousseline...


Delicious desserts

3 hour one morning class where we will prepare a series of  impressive but easy desserts which you can then prepare for your family, guests or why not, for yourself..Chocolate and coffee coulants, strawberry mousse with passion fruit, hazlenut crunchies, lime and tequila sherbet and many more...


Christmas tapas

We will perpare a wonderful selection of original delicious tapas which you can add to your Xmas menus or serve at a Tapas party. (for those of you who have taken previous Xmas tapas classes, these are all new recipes)



A series of festive dishes in a 4 course meal which we will then eat in Dom´s dining room. Proceeds will go to a local charity.


Catalan cookery class

Another popular class where we learn about traditional Catalan cuisine with a modern touch. This course is made of four 2 hour sessions, once a week and we learn how to prepare many different dishes of the Catalan cuisine (Fideua, crema catalana, Mar i Montanya…to name but a few) We also learn about the traditions of Catalunya, the festivities, markets, celebrations and history as well as tips on interesting outings, walks and restaurants.
The cost of the course is 100 euros all included (ingredients, recipes and generous tastings) and again students are welcome to participate in the preparation of the dishes.

One morning classes

These can be ‘tailor-made’ classes where a group of students may be interested in a certain menu or cuisine for example ‘desserts’, ‘tapas’ or ‘paella’ etc and we find a day and time which suits the group.A visit to the Boqueria market can also be included in this course. This is also ideal for visiting friends or family who may like to do a one morning course on Spanish or Catalan cuisine or any other cuisine. The cost of these courses vary depending on the number of students.

Everyday cuisine

This course offers a 3 course menu (first course, main dish and dessert) each session with a total of four 2 hour sessions. The menus are original, easy and beautifully presented ideal to serve to your guests and also to your family. Again this course is equally for absolute beginners or experienced cooks…Cost 100 euros all included (students either take home what we prepare or eat it in situ!)
( each day we will prepare a three course meal. The recipes are easy, original and impressive so that you can serve them to your family or to your guests. )

Asian Tapas

One morning asian tapas class.
Price 50 euros

( we will prepare many different ‘tapas’ from Japan, China, India, Thailand…and then eat them all!)

Cooking in couples…

This course is for a group of couples (max 6) who get together and prepare a 4 course meal (appetizer, first course, main course and dessert) either at midday or evening and then sit down and enjoy it all…The cost of the course including wine, ingredients, recipes, cookery class and ‘meal’ is 65 euros per person. The class including the meal would last for 4 and ½ hours.

Cooking with children

This course is for mothers and children where we all prepare easy , fun recipes and where YOU would NOT have to clean up the mess!! The recipes are easy but they are not the typical biscuits or cookies, they are recipes where children learn to experiment with different foods and tastes. You then take home all you have prepared. Max 6 children and 6 adults. Price 40 euros per adult and child. Includes recipes, chef hat and ingredients.

Other courses:

Asian cuisine, Italian cuisine, Desserts, Tapas, Chocolate…and many more.




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